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“ISAAC” by Birra Baladin

20 Jul

Over the last few years wheat beers have become all the rage in Melbourne and I’m sure most of you would have tried or come across names such as Hoegarden or  White rabbit – white ale etc.  Last week I came across a gem, not in only in the this style of beer but in general one of the best beers I have tried recently. It’s name is, ‘Isacc.’

“ISAAC”  is a wit-bier made in traditional Belgium style  by the Italian brewery Birra Baladin. Founded by Teo Musso an innovator in Italian craft brewing who has made Isaac as a tribute to his new born son, Isaac. He therefore wanted to make a beer that was youthful and popular amongst the younger generation.

To put it basically, the production behind ‘Isaac’ consists of Raw wheat, cultivated by the brewery itself, which is then top fermented like a typical ale with the addition of a small amount of hops and  for flavour  uses a blend of spices predominantly consisting of coriander and orange peel (common in the making of most wit biers).

As you would imagine the beer obviously has a really nice citrus aroma, that is consistent in it’s flavour along with subtle notes of orange peels and coriander. The suspended yeasts in the beer which are responsible for it’s hazy color allow for a really nice delicate mouth feel  described by the company as ‘creamy’ and suited to be drank as an aperitif or with light fish dishes…IN OTHER WORDS it’s a really nice beer, easy to drink, a bit ‘citrusy’ and goes well with fish!

If you see it around it’s definitely worth a try …. the only place I have seen it so far is Sarti Restaurant and Bar off little Collins St in the city but I will keep on the look out!

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”
– Benjamin Franklin



11 Jul

Dear Friends and alcohol enthusiasts, Welcome to 78degrees above!

As a young bartender in such a thriving environment full of new exciting flavors and interesting people  It’s quite hard to not develop a real passion for fine drinks and all things related, after all, i believe i don’t know anyone who isn’t interested in the topic.

It is for this reason i have created this Blog, i want 78 degrees above to be a learning resource for anyone interested interested in drinks, whether you stand behind the bar or sit in front of it, whether you prefer a cleansing ale to sooth your soul or crafted cocktails to lift your spirits. Come here to share new things you have learned, New hot spots in Melbourne, Recipes or even just to share some Personal wisdom you have on discussed subjects.

Articles will be updated regularly and the first coming soon!!

until then i leave you with a quote from one of the worlds most famous Drinkers, Winston Churchill

Bessie Braddock: “Sir, you are drunk.”
Churchill: “Madam, you are ugly. In the morning, I shall be sober.”